Celestron 8×42 Monocular Review

Every anglers has his or her go to tools.  For most, rods and reels top the list.  However, there are other valuable assets that are just as essential for serious waterman, and unfortunately, are often overlooked by novice and experienced anglers alike.  Binoculars and monoculars, such as Celestron’s 8×42, top the short list. 

I recently had the chance to put a Celestron 8×42 Monocular to the test fishing for yellowtail and white seabass off Southern California’s coast.  In trips past, I had relied on crusty off brand binos and my own set of eyes to locate breaking fish and signs of life.  While I never felt seriously handicapped using these tools, it wasn’t until I brought the monocular along that I discovered the distinct advantage it was capable of providing.  We were scouting some fishy territory when I first  raised the 8×42 monocular to get a closer look at what appeared to be a couple sea lions frolicking under some birds.  My suspicions were immediately confirmed, as a couple baby dogs turned the distant patch of water into a frothing mess.  I was about to take my eye off the scene, when my magnified vision picked up something else slightly to the right of the frenzy.  I focused in on the object, but all I saw was a deep boil.  Seconds later, the water exploded and I caught a flash of silver and yellow breaking the placid surface.  Yellowtail!  We gunned over, fired off a couple casts with our jig sticks, and I wound down on a 30 lb “tail”.  5 minutes later, we had our first prized fish on the deck, and a pattern had been established.  Would we have been able to do it without the Celestron?  Possibly, but certainly not in such quick order.  When money is on the line, every minute counts, and tools such as binoculars and monoculars maximize your time on the water!

I encourage everyone to check out Celestron’s phenomenal product line, especially the new 8×42 Monocular.  It has a ton of user friendly features, such as a built in compass and distance reticule.  Its fully waterproof, fog proof and shock proof, making it perfect for boaters and anglers.  Its also quite compact, so it fits in your jacket pocket or in a cup holder.  Check out http://www.celestron.com for more information on their unique and innovative optics.

See you on the water!